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Hello Microsoft Band. Goodbye Fitbit and Pebble.

Lars Klint

For the last few weeks I have been sporting a Microsoft Band, a fitness tracker and wearable gadget from the software giant. It isn’t the first time that Microsoft has … Continue reading

Lumia 930 - Home Screen

The Lumia 930 in all its Glory

Lars Klint

About 9 weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to participate in the Microsoft #Challenge930. This meant that Microsoft would send a free Lumia 930 as a loan device … Continue reading


Building Your First Windows Phone App

Lars Klint

About three weeks ago my third Pluralsight course was published. This one had been underway for a while due to me being pedantic and a few other projects creeping up … Continue reading


Recording iPad Screencast on your PC with AirServer

Lars Klint

I am currently recording a kids’ course for Pluralsight. It is a great experience to get a new generation interested in technology and in this particular case it is programming. … Continue reading

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lumia 930 and 635 Launch – Windows Phone Steps It up A Notch

Lars Klint

This morning I was invited by Microsoft Australia (formerly known as Nokia) to be part of their launch of the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 635. Apart from free food … Continue reading

Melbourne Airport

Stand to Attention – Universal Charger Review

Lars Klint

As I got a hold of the Lumia 1520 from AT&T, it didn’t come with QI wireless charging. For very political reasons and a Nokia that decided to buckle to … Continue reading

Melbourne Docklands

Cover me up – Nokia Lumia 1520 Case Smackdown

Lars Klint

I am still amazed at how many smartphones I see out and about that have broken screens. Some have small cracks that would be annoying, and some are downright useless … Continue reading

Melbourne Skyline

//publish/ coming to Melbourne – Win a Lumia 1520 or Dell Venue Pro

Lars Klint

I did it again. I put my hand up to help the Windows Phone community in Melbourne, this time for the //publish/ event on 17 May. And I ended up … Continue reading


Building Universal Apps for Windows Phone

Lars Klint

This article was first posted on blog.dvlup.com At Microsoft’s annual conference //build/ recently, a lot of really cool stuff was announced across the entire product suite for developers. As a … Continue reading

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